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Certificate of Registration

Become a Real Estate Agent by Completing your Certificate of Registration with Us!


Course dates and Registration

The Certificate of Registration is held once a month in Sydney CBD.

Available Course Dates

Thursday, 14th September

Friday, 6th October

Friday, 10th November

Thursday, 14th December

How Can I register?
Complete the Registration Form and send it to paul.casarotto@harcourts.net to register for the next available course!

Or CALL 0419 190 961 NOW!

How much will the Course cost?
Full Course Cost: $550.00 inclusive of all workbooks & materials

Where is the Course held?
Location: Suite 1, Level 3, 189 Kent Street, Sydney CBD, 2000

What are the hours?
Time: 8:30am - 5:00pm

Please note: Please ensure you register at least 5 days before the date of the course to ensure you leave yourself with enough time to complete the online learning component of the certificate.

Course Information You need to Know!

The Academy offers the four units required for your Real Estate Certificate of Registration.

The core Qualification units you will achieve are:

  • CPPDSM3019 - Communicate with clients in the property industry
  • CPPDSM4007A - Identify legal and ethical requirements of property management to complete agency work
  • CPPDSM4008A - Identify legal and ethical requirements of property sales to complete agency work
  • CPPDSM4080A - Work in the real estate industry

What will you learn?

  • Effective communication strategies including establishing rapport with clients and
  • Handling initial client enquiries
  • Maintaining and using a client database.
  • Dealing with client complaints and problems
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities of property sales and property management teams
  • Knowledge of property sales, the sales process
  • Interpreting and complying with legislative and real estate agency requirements
  • Ethical real estate practise
  • Real estate industry employment requirements
  • Roles and responsibilities of government agencies and real estate industry bodies
  • Applying knowledge of property management and property management processes
  • Handling property management moneys and trust accounts
  • Using a key register

How is this learning delivered?

The Acadmey offers a blended learning programme that begins online with a number of interactive tasks that you can do from your own computer. This is followed by a full day in the Academy classroom that includes application of knowledge gained and one-on-one guidance to help you achieve success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the course held and how do I get there?
At our corporate office located at Level 3, 189 Kent Street, Sydney. Public transport is closeby with a 3 minute walk from Wynyard Station. Parking is available next door. 


How soon will I get my statement?
The following day your Statement of Attainment will be sent to you.


How soon could I start working in Real Estate after completing the course?
Once you have recieved your Certificate of Registration, you can start straight away.



Where in Real Estate could I work?
You could start working in any Real Estate Sales or Property Management role.



Do I have to work with Harcourts?
No, you are not tied to the Harcourts brand. You can work in any office in NSW.



How long does the online learning take to complete?
On average 10-12 hours.



How long is the in-house assessment ?
It's a 1 day classroom style training session.



What happens if I fail the assessment?
We'll provide the time so you can come back and do the assessment again. The trainer will also privately contact you to assist in any questions you might have.



Are there any additional costs?
No. It's the one payment of $550.



Will you help me find a job?
There are opportunities within the Harcourts Network, however we do not guarantee a position. 


Contact Us

  Paul Casarotto
Paul Casarotto
Academy Trainer/Business Development Manager
Email: Paul.cassarotto@harcourts.net

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