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Walk A Mile In Their Shoes

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes 2017


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Walk a Mile in Their Shoes!

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

In September 2017, Harcourts staff, family, friends, and supporters across Australia walked down a different path, joining forces with White Ribbon Australia to take a stand against violence.


We recognise that violence against women is, in fact, a community issue, with a need for awareness at a grass-roots level. “Walk a Mile in Their Shoes” is an education and fundraising campaign led by the Harcourts Foundation in conjunction with Harcourts Real Estate to increase public awareness of the impact of violence against women in Australia.


2017 is the third consecutive year that we have run this event, and was very successful with Harcourts raising over $100,000. 


All proceeds from this campaign are donated to White Ribbon Australia, who carry out the “Breaking the Silence” programme in primary and secondary schools across Australia, aimed at creating generational change in attitudes toward violence.

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